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Welcome To The Bar By Daniel Bulusson

On the 12th and 13th of December 2017 law graduates who have been deemed  Fit and Proper’ by the Body of Benchers would be called to the Nigerian Bar.

After all the tedious, brain straining, hectic and stressful five (5) years grilling at the university, and the nine (9) months practical learning of laws at the Nigerian Law School, then your name would be enrolled in the Supreme Court as a Barrister and Solicitor.

Many of you might be disappointed with the outcome of the result; some have been asked to resit the examination, some graduated with a first class, and others got a grade lower than their expectations.

Those who have been asked to resit, stay strong, everything happens for a reason, do not relent on your effort to make it better on the next trial; those who feel they got less than they deserved, the grade one graduates with from law school is not placed on the forehead of any legal professional. If you feel you are good, come into the legal industry and prove yourself.

To geniuses who made first class, worthy congratulations. Do not feel you know it all and relax your enthusiasm to learn. Do not be mistaken, the fact that in legal practice one is not required to read for an examination does not mean the journey is over. On the contrary it has just begun. Remember all the scenarios you discussed at group meetings for presentations in Nigerian Law School? Well, you are about to encounter them in real life almost on a daily basis as a legal professional. On the legal practice side of the fence, you get it wrong at the expense of your client not grade.

Please take note that the legal profession is not a bed of roses; there is no free meal in the legal industry. Do not come with the impression that once you become a lawyer you are established for life. All those with the big dreams of driving Jeeps or building a mansion for the family once they get into the profession should be ready for a shocker; there are numerous smart and ambitious lawyers in the industry before your coming.

Do not be discouraged,  though, with hard work, smart work, humility, consistency, commitment and patience, success would surely cross path with you on this legal journey. Learn to package yourself into a brand, looking smart, decent, intelligent and ready to go. The use of smart phones is not new to majority of your set, so begin to use the knowledge of Information Communications Technology to advance the cause of justice and improve the legal profession.

Do not be in a haste to achieve that which is far from your grasp due to lack of experience, be calm, cool and collected. Just as a new born baby learns to crawl before walking, the same applies to the new wigs, they ought to come into the profession with the desire to learn and adapt to the legal environment; as you learn you grow.

At this stage, a new wig ought to pay attention to his/her strengths and weaknesses in a bid to discover where his/her passion lies in the profession, not all are good advocates, likewise not all are good solicitors, or orators. The idea is to find your path early, and groom such passion/talent to know how best to put it to use to earn income.

Be careful not to get lost and spend too much time and effort on another’s dream ignoring self-development. It is at this stage that a lawyer begins to lay the foundation for a good name, and a good name is gotten from a good reputation.

To the few chosen by the Council of Legal Education, welcome on board the Nigerian Bar, though the journey may be tough and turbulent, if you stay focused, with a willing spirit to learn, and accord respect to your senior colleagues, then success is guaranteed.

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